The Bariwon Chronicles

A Faraway Kingdom.
Valiant Heroes.
Loathsome Villains.
Unexpected Dangers.
An Epic Tale.

“The Bariwon Chronicles” combines the critically acclaimed books “The Hidden Sun”, “The Waxing Moon” and “The Zealous Star” into one volume, including NEW, ADDITIONAL SCENES AND EXTRAS available for the first time!

Award-winning author J. Lloyd Morgan brings you an epic story of adventure, betrayal, power struggles, romance and redemption.

Praise for Morgan’s Work:

“Beautiful, enchanting characters, a twisting plot-line and vivid visuals, what is not to love?” – Katelyn Torrey

“Lots of action, intrigue, and the perfect bit of romance.” – Donna Sorenson

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What Readers Say

J. Lloyd Morgan is one of my favorite authors! He has the knack, the ability to get into the hearts and minds of the characters and breathes into them as they jump to life on the pages right before my eyes.

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Names Pronunciation Guide

Anemone: An-eh-mo-nee
Bearach: Bear-ack
Ciar: See-are
Daimh: Dime
Diantha: Die-ann-the
Donigi: Don-ee-gey
Eadward: Ed-ward
Elisedd: Eli-said
Erd: Urd
Grenoa: Gren-oh-ah
Iolanthe: Eye-o-lanth
Itamunno Kael: It-ah-moon-oh Kale
Larissa: Lar-EYE-saw
Lebu: Lay-boo
Lewyol: Loo-yall
Mortentaun: Mort-ten-tawn
Mylnohe: Mile-know
Nie syll esse: Nigh-sil-es-ee
Nislles: Niss-ulls
Pendeltune: Pen-del-toon
Plyese: Plea-see
Procep: Pro-sep
Regne: Reg-nay
Rifna Erd: Riff-nah Urd
Rinan: Rin-on
Seanan: See-ah-nun
Serkan: Sir-can
Shoginoc: Shog-in-ock
Sverre: Suv-ear
Tevoil: Tee-voil
Tular Tevoil: Too-lar Tee-voil
Vashti: Vash-tee
Viceditad: Vice-dee-todd

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