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Review of “The Hidden Sun” by Erika Stroop

Let me start off by stating that the cover fits in perfectly to the setting of the novel and what I imagine places in it to look like. I bet all of you are thinking, “Whats the twist in the story Erika? Are they vampires, werewolves, witches”? The quick answer is no and I know you guys are all shocked. Morgan doesn’t add that element to the novel and I am perfectly fine with that. The lush landscapes that were created held my attention fully.

Eliana was the perfect character in this tale. I would have thought and done many of the things she did in the situations she was placed. Rinian was amazing and I want him all for myself. I mean what is not to like about a hot guardian? Well nothing in Rinians case. The complex relationships and tangled web of politics was incredible. I fully understood their situation, but yet wanted to find some sort of loophole for them.

The Hidden Sun
is a gem of a novel that will captivate readers from any age. Morgan adds incredible detail that will transport you to a time long and far from the computer screen you are staring at right now. I can not wait for the next novel which is due out in 2012.