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From the website:  “A Bookworm’s Tale”

I am a big fan of unique names, so seeing so many of them in this book excited me. Not only were the names unique, however, but the characters themselves all had unique and well defined personalities. You could easily fall in love with the characters, even several of the evil ones.
The plot was always twisting and turning, making certain events very unexpected. I often cried out in protest or surprise while reading it, because of something that had happened with no previous foreshadowing to lead up to the event. I certainly wanted to keep reading to see what might happen next.
The first line of the book, “The sun’s playing hide and seek,” ties the whole story together in a way so that all the characters introduced halfway through the book, and the periods and time that the story skips all make sense and fit right into the plot of the story.
This novel’s mix of fantasy and romance drew me in and kept me in and I can’t wait for the next book to come out.