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From the blog, “Why not?  Because I said so!”

The minute I read the premise of this book, I knew I would like this book. I was able to read this book in almost one sitting. I read it while sitting in a car on the way to a family reunion in Idaho. The funny part was, my kids and my parents were able to hear all of my thoughts and feelings about the book as I went along.
I have to admit, I was really worried while reading the first 100 pages of the book. I kept saying, “No, how can he (The author) let this happen?” I am not going to disclose what I was referring to, because I want you to read the book yourself. Then I shouted out, “Not another one? I am not sure I like this book.” Again, you will have to read the book to understand what I am referring to.
I am happy to say, after page 95, things picked up for me. This now was the kind of book I loved to read. I started connecting with the characters and having empathy for their individual problems. I also was getting more involved with the mystery of Bariwon.
Overall, this book has action, romance, colorful characters and well written villains. The ending of the story was very fulfilling. I am glad that I kept reading. This is one adventure that is well worth the ride.