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David J. West, author of “The Heroes of the Fallen”

J Lloyd Morgan or “Manly Lord Jog” likes his anagrams. His novel The Hidden Sun is also a play on words, but Morgan doesn’t just play-he also takes risks.
Set in a secondary medieval world, this might seem like a fantasy but it isn’t, there isn’t any magic nor even any fantastical creatures. It might seem like a romance, but it isn’t that either, it really isn’t too lovey-dovey despite relationships, marriage and family being the prime arena of conflict.
It took getting through about the first 50 pages for me to be interested. (author’s note: that’s probably the romantic part of the book)
Morgan is setting up a roller coaster ride. I fully admit to being put off that first 50 pages, BUT then I was blown away.
I love what happened.
The scheming villain is ruthless and it gets the reader concerned, we are thrown into the world where truly terrible things happen-this isn’t a white-washed little fable, people die here.
It made the ongoing story relevant to me.
As has been mentioned by other reviewers, it is a safe clean read.
When it comes to the sequel Morgan is working on, I’ll be very excited to see how he can possibly top the surprises he has thrown at us thus far.