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Angie Lofthouse’s review

Political intrigue and conspiracy abound in the medieval kingdom of Bariwon. At first, because of the medieval setting I guess, I was expecting a fantasy. The Hidden Sun is not a fantasy, but there is plenty of action, intrigue and romance here. Morgan does a great job of creating believable, quirky characters that you can easily fall in love with (or hate entirely, in the case of the villains). I found myself a little disappointed to find that the book was not entirely about Eliana and Rinan, but instead deals with the long-term effects of their choices. My disappointment faded with the great characters and exciting plot, however. The story held my interest all the way through. I loved Morgan’s use of symbolism dealing with rain, clouds, sunshine, light and darkness. The ending was sweet and satisfying.

The Hidden Sun is a good read for all ages, and contains no objectionable material.