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Review of “Wall of Faith” by Braden Bell

This book kept me up quite late into the night. It is a profoundly disturbing tale—that ends on an equally hopeful note. It is not for the easily offended or easily upset. The author confronted the fact that humans do not always live up to the best ideals of their faith. In fact, sometimes they fail spectacularly. That difficult reality caused him a great deal of difficulty at a time in his life when he was vulnerable and should have been helped by those who hurt him.

In that sense, this book is difficult, because it shows people who are not living up to their faith. However, I noticed and appreciated that the author never attacked the faith because those who professed it were not all they should have been. In fact, that is part of the point of the book. Life is difficult, and the fact that we have faith or believe the teachings of a church will not insulate us from difficulties. But the point of faith is to give us strength—not to point out the failings of others.

This is ultimately, a hopeful story, one that reminds of us the miracles that can happen when God is allowed in our lives. It also reminds us to be kind to those who struggle and to keep Christian compassion and kindness at the center of interactions with each other.

A very gripping, intense, soul-searching book.

“The Mirror of the Soul” reviewed by Jandy Salguero

“I had no clue what The Mirror of the Soul would be about, but the setting of France near the hundred years war caught my attention (I have a BA in French and have studied lots of French history and cultural trends of that period). The themes and beliefs of the characters are indicative of a time when the masses were kept uneducated in many ways.

The writing seamlessly pushed me from one chapter to the next, with the tension building as I went. In the end, it was a beautiful story of love, hope, and renewal that made me fall in love with the simple faith of the protagonists and cheer for their success.

This book is appropriate for young adults. I look forward to reading other works by this author.”

Review of The Waxing Moon by Donna Sorenson

I enjoyed this second book of the Bariwon Chronicles even more than the first. Lots of action, intrigue, and the perfect bit of romance.—Donna Sorenson

Review of “The Mirror of the Soul” by Author Tamara Ward

J. Lloyd Morgan writes a story that transcends the written page. In Mirror of the Soul, expect to find a great story, wonderfully complex characters, heart-palpitating conflict with twists in the plot that will completely shock you, and a spine-tingling ending that also will make you pause and consider how the message of the book relates to your own life. And speaking about that, the book’s message, sometimes you read a book with a message and it comes off as clunky or preachy – staged. Not so with Mirror of the Soul. Morgan is an expert storyteller and the message of his story never gets in the way of the story.

Beautiful. Masterful.

Review of “The Waxing Moon” on StitchReadCook.com

I reviewed “The Hidden Sun” – a book I devoured in an evening – I couldn’t wait for “The Waxing Moon.”

Like the first book in the series, we are back in Bariwon. This time, we get to learn about Snapdragon, the brother to the Queen and newly appointed Royal Guardian. We get to tag along while Snap and the rest of the new recruits go through training.. and a few surprises!

We pick up a few years after King Rayne and Queen Sunshine came into power. While things seem peaceful, there is something sinister brewing below the surface. We get to see old foes and meet several new enemies that threaten the peace of Bariwon.

Snap and a group of Guardians are sent to a small village on the edge of a mountain range, a place where the ENTIRE population has vanished without a trace. Can they figure out what happened and bring the people back safely?

This is one of those books that I will keep a lot of the details to myself, as even the most insignificant detail could give something away. We are swept into a world of intrigue, adventure, mystery and even a little romance.

Will I recommend this book? YES, this is a fantastic book that will keep the reader captivated from the first page right up until the last sentence. I can’t wait for the next book in the series! Will I read more by this author? Most definitely, I thoroughly enjoy J. Lloyd Morgan’s writing style and how the story flows. I eagerly await the next installment in this series

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