The Zealous Star

A faraway kingdom.

A beautiful warrior.

A relentless enemy.

A deadly threat.

An epic conclusion.

The kingdom of Bariwon is under attack. It is the greatest threat to the kingdom in a dozen generations. The best warrior in Bariwon isn’t allowed to defend her kingdom—because she’s a woman. When she decides to take matters in her own hands, her actions could either save the kingdom she loves … or destroy it.

The print version of “The Zealous Star” includes extras like deleted scenes, insight into the secrets of the novel, and a comparison of an early draft compared to the final draft.

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What Readers Say

J. Lloyd Morgan is one of my favorite authors! He has the knack, the ability to get into the hearts and minds of the characters and breathes into them as they jump to life on the pages right before my eyes.

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Names Pronunciation Guide

Bearach: Bear-ack
Diantha: Die-ann-the
Elisedd: Eli-said
Larissa: Lar-EYE-saw
Lewyol: Loo-yall
Mortentaun: Mort-ten-tawn
Nislles: Niss-ulls
Plyese: Plea-see
Procep: Pro-sep
Rifna Erd: Riff-nah Erd
Serkan: Sir-can
Shoginoc: Shog-in-ock
Tular Tevoil: Too-lar Tee-voil
Viceditad: Vice-dee-todd


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