The Hidden Sun

The Hidden Sun

A faraway kingdom.

A beautiful princess.

A courageous hero.

A ruthless villain.

An impossible choice.

The kingdom of Bariwon is at a crossroads. A new leader threatens to take control of the throne which could throw the land into chaos. “The Hidden Sun” is an epic tale of courage, heartbreak, battles and redemption.

The special 3rd edition print version of “The Hidden Sun” includes extras like insight into the secrets of the novel and a comparison of an early draft compared to the final draft.

Brand new autographed copies of the rare first edition as well are the second edition are available on eBay!

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What Readers Say

J. Lloyd Morgan is one of my favorite authors! He has the knack, the ability to get into the hearts and minds of the characters and breathes into them as they jump to life on the pages right before my eyes.

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Names Pronunciation Guide

Anemone: An-eh-mo-nee
Daimh: Dime
Donigi: Don-ee-gey
Grenoa: Gren-oh-ah
Iolanthe: Eye-o-lanth
Lebu: Lay-boo
Lewyol: Loo-yall
Mortentaun: Mort-ten-tawn
Nislles: Niss-ulls
Plyese: Plea-see
Regne: Reg-nay
Rinan: Rin-on
Seanan: See-ah-nun
Shoginoc: Shog-in-ock
Tevoil: Tee-foil
Vashti: Vash-tee


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