Darker the Shadow

Wyjec, a slave to the Masters of Sothcar, refuses to die. Pendr, an apprentice blacksmith to his father, fights so others can live.

Neither of them expects their destinies to intertwine in a battle to either destroy or save their world.

“Morgan spins a page-turning web of adventure with a diverse cast of young characters. It will shock and intrigue fans of his Bariwon fantasy series.”
—Sterling R. Walker, Author of The Orphan Ship Trilogy

“A fascinating and intricately woven new world. Fantasy at its best!”—Jandy Salguero, Author of The Sending

“Morgan has done it once again—succeeded in weaving a multithreaded tale that draws the reader into another world. A thoroughly enjoyable read.”—Author Randy McNeely

Darker the Shadow is the first book in the Howler King trilogy.

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What Readers Say

J. Lloyd Morgan is one of my favorite authors! He has the knack, the ability to get into the hearts and minds of the characters and breathes into them as they jump to life on the pages right before my eyes.

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Names Pronunciation Guide

Wyjec—Why - jek
Pendr—Pen - dur
Danla—Dan - lah
Nestov—Nest - ah - vuh
Myelur—My - lure
Avadi—Ah - vah - dee
Halima—Ha - lee - ma