Conversation with a Student

“I couldn’t come to class because my car was possessed.” Gone are the days of telling the teacher, “My dog ate my homework.” Students are creating increasingly creative excuses—many of which boggle the mind of any sane, logical person.

Conversation with a Student chronicles such interactions between today’s students and a college professor. Some of the conversations are humorous, some are outrageous, and some border on the frightening side of life.

Conversation with a student:
Professor: “You have until Friday night at 11:59 p.m. to submit your assignment online.”
Student: “But I have plans Friday night.”
Professor: “Today is Monday. You have all week to complete the assignment. You don’t have to wait until Friday night to submit it.”
Student: “But, I made the plans for Friday night before you gave me this assignment!”
Professor: “I understand. Submit it Thursday instead.”
Student: “But, I have plans on Thursday night as well.”
Professor: ” . . . “

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What Readers Say

J. Lloyd Morgan is one of my favorite authors! He has the knack, the ability to get into the hearts and minds of the characters and breathes into them as they jump to life on the pages right before my eyes.

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For this legal reasons, there are no names used in this book!